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Divorce Mediation Attorney

The divorce process does not have to be contentious. There is another way – mediation. Couples who have jointly come to the agreement to divorce are often seeking a quick and efficient way of separating, a way to minimize the stress and anxiety of the divorce process. Mediation is an effective alternative used to help reach decisions about marital assets without the risk of causing friction in an already sensitive situation. Blood Law in Charlotte, NC is a partner you can trust, who will work on your behalf to peaceably reach agreements. If you are separated and need advice, call Blood Law today and get a consultation with a Charlotte Mediation Attorney.

In conflict resolution, mediation serves as an excellent alternative in the court process. As adults, we often pride ourselves on behaving as such until a dispute occurs. Often disputes can re-open past arguments and lead to friction that is unproductive. Whether your divorce involves simply separating or dividing of extensive marital assets and deciding on custodial rights, mediation is a great way to minimize the stress of all parties involved and to reach an agreement amicably.

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Why A Qualified Mediation Attorney

Are you involved in a divorce or a family dispute? Mediation and collaborative law could be the answer. Call our Charlotte Mediation Attorney at Blood Law and get advice from trusted legal professionals. While mediation can’t be used for every situation, it can be used for some of the most sensitive cases. Do you have questions about your divorce? Call Anna Blood and the professionals at Blood Law today.

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