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Here at Blood Law, PLLC, we understand it can be heartbreaking when you are removed from the lives of your grandchildren. No matter what the reason, whether one parent does not want the child(ren) to see you or there is a long history of strife within the family, this separation could be devastating to everyone involved.

Do you have grandparents’ rights? Can you get visitation — or even custody— in a case like yours? What recourse do you have? Our attorneys are here to help you navigate your questions and concerns to protect your rights as a grandparent.

Our grandparent's rights attorneys at Blood Law, PLLC are here to guide you every step of the way, up until the day you feel your family law case is complete and beyond.

What Factors Determine How the Court Will Consider Visitation Time

State laws vary, but the parents’ wishes regarding visitation are generally respected, except in cases where the loss of visitation would not be in the grandchild’s best interest. For instance, if you raised the grandchildren or are currently a big influence on their lives, the court would view this in your favor.

The courts typically will not be sympathetic if you already have visitation privileges but request additional time with your grandchildren. This will be more difficult if contact would be burdensome on the parents – in the event you live far away.

Child Custody & Grandparents Rights

In the most extreme cases, you might go beyond visitation rights if you feel the grandchild’s parents are unfit to raise and care for him/her. You can replace your grandchild’s parents as the primary caregiver if you have found the parents to be unfit due to:

  • Drug and substance abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Mental instability
  • Inability to provide safe housing
  • Inability to contribute to child support
  • Inability to protect the child from harm

North Carolina courts automatically consider it in a child’s best interest to remain with his/her parents.

If only one parent is proven an unfit caregiver and the other is not, you will have a more difficult time obtaining child custody. Your first step in navigating custody rights is to make an appointment with a reputable grandparent's rights lawyer to determine your options.

How Do I Request Visitation?

You can request visitation by filing out a petition in the district court in the county where your grandchild resides. If you already have a grandparent visitation order, but would like to modify or enforce it, you can ask the court for assistance. You must show a change of circumstances to do so.

Consult with a Grandparent's Rights Attorney in NC

It is important to understand your rights as a grandparent and have someone in your corner willing to fight for you and your family. Our Charlotte grandparent's rights lawyers understand what it takes to help you get the results you deserve. We offer a compassionate approach to clients in their time of need.

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