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Fort Mill Mediation Attorneys

Resolving Family Law Issues with Less Stress

Family law conflicts and divorce cases can be some of the most stressful legal situations you might ever have to deal with—but they don’t have to be. With mediation used to find an amicable solution to these issues, you might be surprised by how many arguments you can avoid.

If you want to see if mediation can help you get through a family law dispute without the need to go in front of a South Carolina family law court, start by talking to the Fort Mill mediation lawyers of Blood Law, PLLC. Our legal team brings decades of combined legal experience to every case we handle, including those that are mediated instead of litigated. It would be our honor to guide you through this difficult time with confidence and compassion.

Why should you choose Blood Law, PLLC for your mediation case?

  • We have multiple firm members who have been recognized by Super Lawyers®.
  • We work as a full team—attorneys, paralegals, support staff, and more—to help you.
  • We always prioritize the best interests, safety, and well-being of children in family law cases.
  • We have multiple locations in North Carolina and South Carolina for convenience.

Learn more about how mediation can help. Call (803) 866-6030 and ask for a consultation.

What is the Purpose of Mediation?

Mediation is a process to resolve a legal conflict in a collaborative, private setting rather than going to court for litigation. During mediation, a neutral third-party mediator oversees the meeting or meetings. The mediator must not take sides or try to influence the decisions of both parties, but instead answer legal questions, steer the conversation to stay on track, and encourage cooperation over competition.

The goals of mediation are usually:

  • Addressing the concerns and questions of each party.
  • Reducing and avoiding challenges caused by unclear communication.
  • Negotiating to decide different aspects of the case without the need for court intervention.

Typical Mediation Steps

The overall process of mediation can be broken down into five steps, including:

  1. Agreement: Before mediation officially begins, the mediator will set the ground rules and answer preliminary legal questions about the process. All parties who want to continue mediation must sign the mediation agreement, including the mediator.
  2. Beginning: At the start of mediation, both parties will be given an opportunity to share their perspectives on the case and disagreements. When these “opening statements” are presented, it is expected that the other party will not interfere.
  3. Information review: The mediator will ask both parties for more information about the conflict to see if the decision-making process can be improved with more clarity. Questions can be brought up about the information and evidence by any party, too.
  4. Negotiation: This step is arguably the most important part of mediation because negotiation is how both parties can find possible solutions to the disagreement. The goal is to find a middle ground that works for everyone. Again, the mediator cannot take sides or tip the discussion one way or the other, but they are expected to encourage cooperation and discourage adversarial approaches.
  5. Conclusion: By the end of mediation, the two parties will have agreed upon a solution to the family law conflict or have decided on the different parts of their divorce agreement. The mediated agreement will need to be reviewed by the court for final approval, which ensures nothing unlawful is included in it. If no agreement is reached through mediation, the next step will likely be to go to court unless another mediation effort is arranged.

Benefits of Mediation Over Litigation

Most people do not want to go to court if it can be avoided, including people with family law disputes or pending divorces. The key benefit of mediation is the ability to resolve a dispute without the need for litigation before a family law court, but the overall benefits go far beyond just that. Our mediation attorneys can help you understand all the many advantages of mediation, so you can make an informed decision about attempting it or not. Although, it isn’t uncommon for family law judges to require divorcing couples to attempt mediation before going to trial, so you might be headed toward mediation even if you didn’t plan for it.

The benefits of mediation vary, such as:

  • Potentially less expensive than going to trial, especially when considering lower court costs.
  • More control over the entire process.
  • Improved privacy because mediation is confidential, not a matter of public record.
  • Convenient scheduling for mediation meetings based on the parties’ calendars, not the court’s.
  • Able to reach a faster conclusion to conflicts compared to most court cases.
  • Reduced risk of destroying the parties’ relationship because it encourages cooperation.

When Should You Use Mediation?

Another benefit of mediation is its versatility. This cooperative process can be applied to nearly all legal conflicts between two parties who need to reach an amicable resolution. At Blood Law, PLLC, we can show you how mediation is useful for a wide variety of family law cases. If you need to resolve a dispute but don’t want to head to court, you should talk to us first about the ways mediation can help.

Mediation might be able to help you find a fair conclusion to these case types:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Property division
  • And more

When everything is considered, you should use mediation when you want to avoid escalating a situation to litigation. You might be surprised by how many different situations can be handled through mediation.

Call Today to Learn About Mediation Services

Mediation could be the right solution for your family law dispute or divorce. Find out more by talking to our Fort Mill mediation lawyers of Blood Law, PLLC today. The sooner we know more about your situation, the sooner we can help you use mediation to everyone’s benefit.

Call (803) 866-6030 or submit an online contact form if you want to use mediation to resolve a family law conflict.

Fort Mill, SC Mediation FAQ

  • Does the court have a say in mediation?
    Although mediation allows you to decide how to resolve a family law dispute without the direct intervention of the court, it doesn’t mean the court is entirely removed from the process. Any legal agreement you reach must be brought to court for it to be enforceable. The court will determine if the agreement is legally valid. If your mediation was handled by a professional mediation attorney, you shouldn’t worry about the court possibly changing or challenging the mediated agreement.
  • Can mediation help if litigation has already begun?
    The beginning of litigation is not necessarily the ending of mediation. If your case goes to court but isn’t resolved in one session, you and the opposing party can agree to mediate instead of going back to court. Be sure to talk to our attorneys to see if this decision would be beneficial for your case.
  • Is it less expensive to use litigation?
    Mediation is often less expensive than litigation for two reasons. The first reason is that you can avoid many court fees by mediating your case because you will likely need to go to court far fewer times than through litigation. The second reason is that mediating a family law conflict can require far less of an attorney’s time, which may result in lower attorney fees, depending on the payment agreement for your case.
  • Can you hire us as our family law attorneys and mediators?
    To avoid potential conflicts of interest, family law courts usually do not allow an attorney who represents one of the parties in court to also be the mediator who guides them in mediation, and the other way around.

Our Promise To Our Clients

  • Convenient Locations

    With offices in Charlotte, Waxhaw, Lake Norman & Fort Mill, we make it easier for families across North Carolina & South Carolina to find quality counsel.

  • Children Come First
    With the complexities of family law, we put the well-being and safety of your children at the forefront of your case.
  • Team-Driven Environment
    When you work with Blood Law, PLLC, you work with our entire team. Everyone is here to support you through each step.
  • Honest Guidance
    We create personalized plans for each client while setting realistic expectations on the possible outcomes of the case.

Our Clients Tell Their Stories

These Stories Are What Keep Us Going
    "Anna guided me through the entire process and answered all of my questions and concerns quickly."
    She cares about you as a friend, not just as a client. I highly recommend Anna Blood and her legal team as they are INCREDIBLE and a winning team of pros!
    - Debra K.
    "I’m extremely grateful for Anna's help in my time of need."
    Wonderful boutique law firm! Great service along with great communication. I’m extremely grateful for Anna's help in my time of need.
    - Olivia L.
    "Anna is very knowledgeable of the law as well as the local courts and judges."
    I owe so much gratitude to Anna Blood for her assistance in my divorce. Anna is very knowledgeable of the law as well as the local courts and judges. I am so excited that she has opened an office in Charlotte that is closer to those of us in Mecklenburg County! Definitely contact Blood Law if you need a caring, dedicated attorney.
    - Penny N.
    "From the first interaction to the last, you will be in great hands the entire way."
    Blood Law welcomes each client and prospective client with warmth and great understanding. From the first interaction to the last, you will be in great hands the entire way. They keep you informed throughout the entire process, and lead with experience. The staff at Blood Law will exceed your expectations!
    - Former Client
    "They fought for me and my children in and outside of the courtroom."
    Anna Blood and her team and phenomenal. They fought for me and my children in and outside of the courtroom. I would highly recommend Blood Law for your any family law issues!!
    - Liz D.
    "Anna is an extremely trustworthy and understanding individual, which is very beneficial to any sticky family law situation you may find yourself dealing with."
    Anna is an extremely trustworthy and understanding individual, which is very beneficial to any sticky family law situation you may find yourself dealing with. She is very attentive and focused on helping her clients come to a quick and easy resolution. She’s not the kind of lawyer who will drag things on just to get more money.
    - Sean F.
    "She will give you the best professional guidance and protect your legal interests."
    Anna and her team is such a joy to work with! Not only is she extremely talented, she is down to earth and understanding which is a really important quality when communicating with clients. She will give you the best professional guidance and protect your legal interests.
    - Jennifer W.
    "A phenomenal, understanding and dedicated attorney, but yet an even better person."
    Anna really helped me out during a situation that wasn't necessarily easy to get through. A phenomenal, understanding and dedicated attorney, but yet an even better person. I would truly recommend her to anyone that has to deal with any situation similar dealing with family law to mine!
    - Former Client

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