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Family law issues do not have to be contentious. There is another way to resolve common disputes: mediation. Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution, is an effective method used to help individuals resolve their issues. At Blood Law, PLLC, we pride ourselves on being your partner through mediation, working on your behalf to peacefully help you reach a win-win resolution.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where two conflicting parties agree to collaboratively consider alternatives to resolve their differences in a confidential and non-adversarial manner. The open communication between the parties is facilitated by a trained mediator. Mediation aims to:

  • Increase the available alternatives to dispute resolution
  • Address the concerns of each party
  • Reduce communication challenges facing the parties in a dispute
  • Provide a future conflict resolution model that has been tried and tested

There are five stages in the process of mediation:

  1. Convening the Mediation: The mediator sets the ground rules and provides answers to questions from the parties, both parties and the mediator sign the mediation agreement.
  2. Opening Session: Each party gives their point of view to the disagreement without counter accusations from the other party.
  3. Communication: The mediator probes the parties to ensure enough information is available to enable decision making.
  4. The Negotiation: The mediator helps the parties identify possible solutions to their disagreements.
  5. Closure: The mediator tries to help the disputing parties reach a mutually satisfying agreement The parties and the mediator enter the agreement in writing or terminate the discussion if none is forthcoming.

Mediated settlements can solve legal and extra-legal matters which are hard to be determined through a legal determination. Mediation is often used when addressing family law areas.

The Benefits of Mediation

As mediation has many benefits and allows both parties to exert some control over the outcome of their case, it is growing in popularity. If you consider the alternative, where a case goes to trial, you are then relying on a judge to make decisions for you. A judge’s decision can be appealed, which can tie up the case in the judicial system for a substantial time. Mediation offers the following benefits:

  • Less expensive than going to trial
  • Enhanced support
  • Is not a matter of public record
  • May be scheduled at a convenient date rather than a date mandated by the court
  • Can yield a faster outcome – if both parties are committed to seeking a resolution
  • Can help preserve a relationship with the opposing party

Divorce Mediation

Whether your divorce involves separation or the division of complex marital assets, mediation might be for you if you wish to settle your differences privately and amicably. In North Carolina, mediation is used to assist with divorce disputes related to equitable distribution and child custody, but it can also be used in other areas, including spousal support and child support.

Child Custody Mediation

A big concern for divorcing parents is the question of custody. In North Carolina, child custody is dictated by the same judge who rules on other issues that pertain to your divorce case. Before a judge is involved, however, state law mandates that parents try mediation to reach a mutual agreement about custody and visitation matters. Mediation can provide you with the following support:

  • Determine custody and visitation agreements that are in the child’s best interest
  • Reduce any issues that exist between parents regarding custody and visitation
  • Provide a confidential, non-adversarial setting where both parents can discuss their interests, needs, and concerns
  • Allow the parents to make their own decisions regarding child custody and visitation matters
    Reduce the probability of either parent needing to go to court later to resolve a dispute

Why Hire a Qualified Charlotte Mediation Lawyer?

Are you involved in a divorce or family dispute? Mediation could be the answer. While mediation cannot be used to resolve every situation, it can be used to eliminate or simplify some issues. A qualified Charlotte mediation attorney can help set you up for success by talking you through the mediation process and determining how it could potentially help you with your legal issue.

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