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Enforcing a Court Order

When it comes to family law, a time may exist where you need assistance enforcing a court order. Acquiring a court order for such things as the terms under which property must be divided between former spouses, the custody of children, or the payment of spousal or child support is something that happens with the assistance of an attorney.
Enforcing the terms of these orders when one party is in default also requires the services of your attorney to assure the most favorable outcome for you. There are two main instances where help is needed: non-compliance and a need to modify the terms due to a change in your situation.
Non-compliance means the failure of one party to fulfill their responsibilities under the agreement, as ordered by the North Carolina court of jurisdiction. You will need to show cause to the court as to why you feel that the terms of the order are not being met, in order to secure an order of contempt and resolution to your issue. An attorney will help you navigate the legal system to present your argument and aid you in finding the proper corrective action.
If, by no fault of your own, you are unable to meet your obligations under an order, you must seek a modification of the order. You will need to show the court reasons for your inability to meet the terms of the court order. Again, this can prove difficult unless you enlist the services of a properly qualified North Carolina attorney.
If you need are seeking assistance to have a court order enforced call Blood Law today. Our legal team is here to help those in North Carolina.