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Tips to Help Children Cope with Divorce

Divorce isn’t easy for anyone — especially children. Kids may feel unstable, less safe, and completely confused by divorce proceedings, so it’s important that they are supported by both parents and other family members during this difficult time. At Blood Law we handle our cases with compassion. Our lead attorney wants what’s best for her clients and ultimately the children involved. Here are a few ways to help them cope with divorce and be happier and healthier throughout the process.
Give your kids love and reassurance whenever you can, and tell them again that the divorce is not their fault. Hug on them and take as much time out from life as you can during this difficult time to help them understand and feel safe and loved.
You need to listen to your kids during this time, even though it might be hard with everything you’re feeling with the divorce. They will tell you how they are feeling so you can make sure they understand the process and how you are feeling as well.
When kids tell you how they’re feeling, make sure you listen and validate their feelings. Don’t tell them not to feel that way, but tell them you understand and ask how you can help them feel better.
Above all, remember that your child is a child, and not your confidante or best friend. A child is not equipped with years of experience in a romantic relationship, and chances are your ex will be a part of both of your lives going into the future. Don’t poison the well against your ex, and try to understand that he or she loves your child, too, and wants the best.
If you are thinking about divorce call Blood Law today and schedule your consult. Our legal team is here to help those in Union County and Mecklenburg County.