Custody Agreements & Back To School

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Are Your Back-to-School Schedules Causing Custody Agreement Modification Needs?

You’ve got a child custody agreement that’s working just fine this summer when the days are lazy and schedules are loose. But the coming school year changes everything, doesn’t it? Kids need more structure when they have to get up early, stay alert in class, do their homework and get to bed early enough to do it all over again.

To further complicate the issue, your children’s scheduling needs might change from one school year to the next. For instance, the kids might be going to different schools, and have to be on the bus earlier or stay in school longer. Or perhaps they make a sports team or successfully try out for the school play, and that might mean after-school practices or rehearsals and evening games or performances.

For many parents, schedule modifications like this can be accommodated with a simple conversation between the two of you. That’s great if you and your ex have that kind of relationship and flexible attitude. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.
If the schedule must be modified or updated, but your former spouse stays rigidly opposed to any revisions of the existing custody agreement, it might be time to make an appointment with an attorney.

Address your challenges with your lawyer, ask every question you might have and settle upon a course of action to modify your custody agreement so that it better reflects your family’s new school scheduling realities.

You don’t want to cause further conflict with a former spouse, but your primary consideration is for the intellectual and emotional growth and the welfare of your child. Call the professionals at Blood Law as soon as you feel that you might not have a better option than a custody agreement modification.
And here’s to another great school year!

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