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Divorce During the Holidays


The holidays are a great time for spending time with your loved ones. However, if you are going through a divorce, the holidays can be a challenging time. Not only do you have the stress of your pending case on your mind, but it might be your first holiday season in awhile not spent with your spouse. If you have children, you might have to share custody, which can be especially difficult. 
There are some ways that you can make the holidays easier – both for you and your divorce case. You should always have the guidance of an experienced Charlotte attorney to ensure your best interests are protected. 

Stay As Civil As Possible

If you and your spouse have a tendency to argue, chances are conflict will arise during this emotionally-charged season. It is important to try to remain civil and keep disputes to a minimum whenever possible. In divorce cases, it is usually preferable to reach an out-of-court agreement rather than go to trial, which requires communication and compromise between divorcing spouses. The higher the conflict level, the less likely it will be that you can later reach an agreement. It is often worth it to withhold arguments during the holidays to improve the chances you can succeed at a pretrial settlement or mediation agreement. 

Make Holiday Plans – And Stick To Them

If you have children and are in the midst of a divorce,  it’s likely that any custody arrangement that you have does not specifically address the holidays – if you have one at all. If at all possible, try and work out a mutually-agreeable arrangement with your children’s other parent and let the kids know that things are going to be different this year. For example, if you celebrate Christmas, you may suggest that you spend Christmas Eve with the children, and your spouse gets all of Christmas day. 

Lean On Your Support System

Even if your spouse might not be present during all of your holiday celebrations, it is important to spend time with your friends and family members who support you. Limiting your emotional stress can improve your holiday season and help you move forward from your married life. Start new traditions with your children, and do not hesitate to take time for yourself. 
In addition, it can help immensely to know that you have a skilled legal advocate handling your divorce case. This can limit your concerns about the state of your case, so you can focus on what is important during the holidays. It can also ensure that you are meeting your deadlines for your case while you focus on other things. 

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