Living with Your Spouse During a Divorce Case

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When some married couples decide to get divorced, one spouse might immediately move out of the family home. However, moving out is not always the most practical move for several reasons, and some spouses decide to remain living in the same home, even though they consider themselves to be separated, and they have decided to end their marriage. 
First, divorce can be costly in many ways, and spending money on two housing payments and two sets of utility bills might not put you in the best position following your divorce case. In addition, moving out can make it difficult to move back in and keep the house in your divorce. If staying in the home is a priority for you, it might be wise to remain in the home, even if your spouse is there as well. You should discuss whether moving out might be a mistake with your Charlotte attorney. 
No matter why you decide to stay living under the same roof during your divorce, you should always keep the following in mind, as these tips can help make the divorce process easier while you cohabitate.

Stay Civil

If you are divorcing, you might be arguing with your spouse or engaging in conflict. However, the more conflict that persists, the less willing your spouse may be to cooperate for the good of the divorce case. It is generally preferable to reach an agreement out of court with your spouse, but if you have an adversarial relationship at home, that might continue in your legal case. This can make it more difficult to reach an agreement and increase the chances you might go to court. Staying civil can often lead to civil interactions regarding the divorce and a more positive outcome.

Do Not Put Your Kids In The Middle

Not only can putting your kids in the middle of your conflict be emotionally harmful to them, but it can also negatively impact your custody case. Judges want to see that both parents will encourage healthy relationships with the other parent whenever possible for the best interests of the child. If you involve your children in your marital conflict, speak negatively about your spouse, or try to get your kids to choose sides, it can create issues when it comes to the division of custody.

Make Smart Financial Decisions

If you are living together during your divorce, you are saving money that you would spend on a second residence. However, it is important to ensure that you continue to make reasonable financial decisions regarding other spending. If you or your spouse spends irresponsibly, there can be allegations of wasting marital property, which can impact property division determinations. 

Contact A Charlotte Divorce Law Firm For Assistance

The above are only some things to remember if you are living with your spouse during a divorce. The legal team at Blood Law works with clients in many different divorce scenarios, including those who are still living with a spouse. Contact us to discuss how we can help you today.

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