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Planning For Your Future After Divorce

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Looking Ahead and Preparing Now

While many life events can lead to significant changes, perhaps no event changes as much as divorce. Getting a divorce can have an impact on almost every area of a person’s life, and the experience can leave a person feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to press onward if unprepared.

To help you plan, consider these key areas that will be impacted by divorce.


Perhaps no material aspect of your life will be impacted more than your financial situation. With your spouse gone, you no longer have access to their financial resources, meaning you will be living solely on your income (along with any support payments you may receive in the divorce). Your spending and savings habits may also change as you may have additional expenses to cover when your spouse is no longer in the picture. Throw in potential changes to your tax situation and the results of property division, and the financial future you once projected may look vastly different.

Take steps now to get ahead of these changes. Consult with your attorney to gain a perspective on how your life may look after divorce, and consider working with a financial advisor to create a plan moving forward.

Family Life

Your family that once felt inseparable may look and feel very different after divorce. If you have children, you may have to take new approaches to meet their needs depending on your relationship with your former spouse. You may be co-parenting, or you may be the primary decision-maker and have to share time with your child with the other parent.

Talk to your attorney for advice on how to move forward with these family changes. They may recommend family coaching or other resources to help you move forward as a divorced parent.

Speak With Your Attorney Often

Your attorney has helped many others before you go through divorce and plan for the future; they can do the same for you as you prepare to go down your own path of divorce. At Blood Law, PLLC, we know how intimidating it may feel to plan for divorce and life afterward; we will do everything we can to help you move forward with confidence and a plan.

To learn more about divorce in North Carolina or to speak with our Charlotte attorneys, call us at (704) 286-0570 or visit our website.