Coping With Your First Valentine’s Day After Your Divorce

From romantic dinner dates to walks on the beach, Valentine’s Day is usually filled with an evening celebrating the love that two people share. But for some, the Date of February 14 is a day full of low spirits and sorrow, especially for those trying to cope with their first Valentine’s Day alone after their divorce.  Although the first Valentine’s Day post-split may seem gloomy, here are a few ways that you can achieve an enjoyable February 14.

Be With Loved Ones

Spending Valentine’s Day with friends and family is one of the top coping methods. Invite a few of your closest friends and family members over for a movie night with delicious snacks. A night spent full of laughter can help bring comfort in knowing that although you may not be spending the day with that special someone, you’re not alone.

Make The Day About Your Children

Although Valentine’s Day may fill your day with sorrow, it can bring a lot of excitement for your children. Spend the day doing Valentine’s Day arts and crafts, eating chocolate, and pile up on the couch watching a few of their favorite movies. They do say that a child’s love is the best love of all.

Spoil Yourself

While some may decide to spend this day with loved ones, others tend to make the day all about them — which is completely acceptable. Do you love shopping? Maybe you love solo hikes? Sometimes it’s okay to spend a day spoiling yourself. Showing the love you share with yourself can go a long way for your happiness. Make sure to treat yourself on this special day.

Although you might be going through the first Valentine’s Day after your divorce, you can still celebrate love in other aspects of your life.

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