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Celebrating The Holiday Season After a Divorce

Father and son together on Christmas

The holidays are already a stressful time for many families, but they can be that much more overwhelming for couples who recently separated or are thinking of separating. In fact, the holidays are such a prominent factor in people’s lives, many couples plan their divorce around the winter holidays.

Recently, the American Sociological Association revealed that divorce filings in America consistently peak in March. And a major reason for this is the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

A few of the reasons why divorce filings peak after the holidays are:

  • People treat the holiday season as one last “test” to see if they may want to stay with their partner.
  • People who have been considering divorce for some time don’t want to tell their friends and family that they’re getting a divorce right before the holidays and planned family gatherings.
  • Couples need a few months to get their finances back in order after spending around the holidays.

But if this is your first holiday season following your divorce, it can be hard to accept that celebrations will look a little different this year — especially while handling all of the necessary legal paperwork.

Loving the Holiday Season After a Divorce

Create a holiday schedule right away.

In North and South Carolina, divorced parents of children under 18 must create a visitation schedule that outlines when a child will spend time with each parent.

Included in this overall plan should be a holiday schedule. In the holiday schedule, you should try to be as specific as possible and outline:

  • Holidays, celebrations, dates, and events that are important to your family — contrary to popular belief, you can include a lot more than just national holidays in your holiday schedule.
  • Where your children will be spending each holiday. It’s important to include specific dates, as well as drop off and pick up times.
  • What should happen in the event of an emergency, illness, or change in your work schedule.

Be patient and flexible.

While a detailed holiday schedule can alleviate a lot of stress or confusion around the holidays, it’s important to remember that you and your ex will need to be flexible and ultimately put your children first.

Create new family traditions.

This holiday season may not look like last year’s, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Take this time to create new traditions that you and your kids will look forward to.

Consider updating your plan every few years.

The parent plan you created immediately after your divorce probably won’t suit you forever, especially if you made it when your children were young. As your children grow, people move, and needs change, there’s a good chance you’ll have to change your custody agreement.

Considering filing for divorce? Contact Blood Law, PLLC

No matter when you file for divorce, we understand that you just made an incredibly difficult decision. And because divorces often involve custody agreements, property division, and child support matters, you never want to leave your future up to chance.

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