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Achieving an Outside Solution to Property Division

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Working Without the Court’s Help

Divorce is never easy, but property division can be one of the most challenging parts. The good news is that outside solutions available for property division in a divorce can help couples come to an agreement without going through the courts. This blog will discuss how to achieve an outside solution for property division in a North Carolina divorce, including negotiating a settlement and working through mediation.

Negotiating a Settlement

Negotiating a settlement is one of the most common ways to resolve property division issues in a North Carolina divorce. This involves both parties agreeing with property division and other related matters without having to go through court proceedings. It can be beneficial to have an attorney involved during this process as they can provide guidance and advice on achieving a fair outcome for both parties.

The negotiation process typically involves each party making an offer and counter-offer until both sides can reach an acceptable agreement. This could include dividing property into separate assets, such as cars, property, or investments, and agreeing on who will receive what share of these assets. Depending on the situation, alimony payments and child support may also need to be discussed.


Mediation is another outside solution regarding property division in a North Carolina divorce. This is where an impartial mediator or arbitrator facilitates communication between the two sides to help them reach an agreement without going through court proceedings. The mediator will work with both parties throughout the process, helping them negotiate any disputes or disagreements that may arise while trying to reach a resolution that works for everyone involved.

Collaborative Divorce

Finally, collaborative divorce can also be used as an outside solution in property division within a North Carolina divorce. With this approach, each side retains their own lawyer but works with the other party to resolve property division issues outside of court proceedings. This method requires both sides to agree on specific ground rules before beginning negotiations, such as committing not to engage in any legal action against one another if talks fail. Additionally, both parties must make complete disclosures regarding their finances so that all relevant information is available for consideration when attempting to develop a reasonable resolution for property division matters.

Why You May Want an Alternative Method

No matter which option you choose for property division in a North Carolina divorce, it’s important to remember that outside solutions are often more cost-effective than going through court proceedings since they avoid expensive litigation costs and help couples come to agreements faster than traditional methods such as litigation or arbitration. Additionally, outside solutions like mediation and collaborative divorce give divorcing couples greater control over their situation since they are actively involved in the negotiation process rather than relying solely on one judge’s opinion about property division matters.

Work With an Experienced Attorney

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