The Many Benefits of Divorce Mediation

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Contrary to what you may see on TV and in movies, very few divorce cases go to trial. In fact, only about 5-percent of divorce cases across the country do so. So how are the other 95-percent finalized?

How Mediation can Ease the Stress of Divorce

Divorces are inherently difficult, no matter how you go about them but mediation can alleviate some of the most stressful aspects of a divorce.

Stay in Control

If you and your spouse have an amicable relationship, mediation allows you (or, more often, your lawyers) to speak with each other and come to an agreement on many issues, including child support, child custody, and property and debt division. Once you and your partner have agreed to the terms of your divorce, a judge will sign off on them and your divorce will be finalized.

If you can’t agree on one or several aspects of your divorce, it will go to the courts and a judge will decide how to justly split your assets and create a custody plan that benefits you, your spouse, and your children.


Every divorce is unique and there’s no way to estimate the exact time it will take for a divorce, however uncontested divorces have historically been finalized quicker than contested ones. Mediation streamlines the process by cutting down on court hearings and giving you more control over the outcome.


If your divorce goes to open court, it will likely be public record, meaning anyone could access what was discussed in the future. However, mediation is private and the issues discussed stay between both you and your spouse. Especially if you have children, this is one of the most attractive aspects of mediation.


Country-wide surveys have found that divorces through mediation average 10-percent or less than the total cost of a divorce through litigation (which typically ranges from $15,000 – $40,000). Because the very nature of divorce will take a toll on your savings and income, opting for mediation is a decision that can save you money now and in the future.

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