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Estate Planning Leads To Peace Of Mind

If you ask most successful people what motivates them when it comes to their work, a family is often one of the first things mentioned.

We love our families and we want to provide for them in the best possible way. But taking care of your family involves more than just hard work. It involves careful planning and making informed decisions about your estate well in advance of life-changing events. To do this you need a competent estate planning lawyer who will help you make the best decisions based on your unique set of circumstances so that your family is taken care of.

Blood Law has the experience you need when making these types of decisions. We have helped numerous people in and around the Charlotte area protect their estates and create peace of mind for themselves and their families in the process.

Our experience includes the following practices:

  • Probate and estate administration: This legal process can be very stressful if your attorney does not have the proper qualifications.
  • Wills and trusts: It’s important to leave a will of how you want your assets to be managed by those who you leave behind.
  • Living wills and powers of attorney: In the event that you become incapacitated, you can decide who will make the decisions over those circumstances.
  • Guardianships: Consult with us to learn the legal requirements of this process.

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Our Attorneys at Blood Law are here to guide you every step of the way, up until the day you feel your family is complete and beyond.

“Anna Blood is the type of lawyer every client wants to have, and all other lawyers desire to be like. Her personal experience makes her an outstanding family law attorney. She is hardworking, compassionate, and very skilled in her work. Anna provided quick feedback and was always available to answer any and all questions I had. She always takes a personal interest in her work and makes sure her client’s needs are being met. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a wonderful attorney.”


Why Hire A Qualified Estate Planning Attorney

Nobody wants to expect a tragic event will befall them or a loved one. In fact, the opposite is true, we want to expect the best. But no matter the optimism you may have about what the future holds, there are many uncertainties and tragic events that can impact your family. While those uncertainties can create anxiety, what our clients often find is that by addressing uncertainties ahead of time, you can create a tremendous amount of peace of mind for yourself and your family.

Some of the questions that our Estate Planning Attorneys can help you address are:

  1. What happens to my possessions in the event of my passing?
  2. Who will look after my children if something happens to me and my spouse?
  3. How do protect my family from undue hardships, infighting, taxes, or stress if something happens to me?

These are some examples of the concerns that the Charlotte Estate Planning Attorneys at Blood Law can help you and your family with.

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