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Business Contracts Attorney

A lot of business decisions get made with a verbal commitment and a handshake. And that works just fine…until it doesn’t. When disagreements erupt between partners, vendors, and customers, or other parties, it can get messy. And expensive. It’s times like these that will make you regret having not drawn up a contract.

Good business contracts take the chaos out of deals — and can save you a lot of money and hassles. Consider the following scenarios:

You’ve accidentally gotten involved with a shady party with (as you later learn) a reputation for breaking agreements, cheating business partners, and leaving other companies in flames.

Your verbal agreement was drawn up by an associate or a partner who’s no longer involved in your company and now no one knows who’s supposed to be doing what.

The two parties involved are both honorable, but there’s an honest disagreement over deliverables, deadlines, or other conditions that were verbally specified long ago.

You can see from some of these scenarios that written business contracts serve the best interests of both parties.

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Business deals can be complicated. You might need to see it in writing before even you understand the finer points of what you’re agreeing to do. Who will do what? When? How! And what’s the penalty for missing deadlines or conditions? Your lawyer can help you answer these and many other questions in the process of drawing up your business contracts.

A well-written contract also gives your customer, vendor, investor, partner, or other involved party something to react to. If there are going to be any objections to terms of the agreement it’s better to hear them now rather than later, when you’ve already committed time and budget. Furthermore, a contract drawn up by a lawyer and signed by all parties is likely to hold up in court, if it ever comes to that.

Your business lawyer can also provide a review of contracts brought to your attention by other parties and help you understand what you’re really getting into — or should avoid at all costs.

Why A Business Attorney?

Get a lawyer. And get your business contracts in writing. You’ll save money in the long run while reducing conflict, stress, and those unwanted moments of blind panic. Schedule a consultation with a Charlotte Business Contracts Attorney today at Blood Law.

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