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When Can You Modify Child Support?

By Brian | Child Support | September 10, 2020
When Can You Modify Child Support?
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When a North Carolina family court orders one parent to pay the other child support, it is intended to be permanent until the child reaches adulthood. However, the court recognizes that situations can change, and parents might require the modification of child support payments.

Child support is an important element in any divorce case or situation where the parents of a child do not maintain a household together or a marital relationship. This monetary maintenance is for the sole purpose of providing for the needs of the child. Typically, the parent who does not have physical custody or has visitation time pays the other parent this type of support on a monthly basis. It is usually based on what the paying parent makes and other aspects of their financial situation.  However, if you or your child’s other parent is experiencing a change in your family or financial life, a Charlotte child support attorney might be able to help you modify the court’s order for child support.

Child Support is Meant to be Permanent

Before determining if your request for child support is valid, keep in mind that North Carolina’s family courts intend for the child support order to be permanent until the child is no longer a minor or in high school. Requests to modify child support cannot and should not be made for insignificant or minor changes to the family or financial life of either parent or the child. If the courts were to allow this, they would be even more backed up than they already are.

When is a Child Support Modification Request Necessary?

Under North Carolina law, dozens of situations can warrant a legitimate request to modify child support. If you are experiencing financial problems and believe the child support order should be changed, sometimes it is best to work with your Charlotte child support lawyer and attempt to work out an agreement between you and the other parent. If you are able to do this and the court approves it, it can save time and money.

However, if this is not something you are able to do or the other parent does not agree, you can petition the court for a change in the amount of child support. Your Charlotte child support attorney can ensure you are prepared to demonstrate that at least one of the following has occurred:

  1. Either parent remarries
  2. Changes in family law regarding child support
  3. Permanent disability of one parent
  4. The needs of the child
  5. A job change, loss or promotion of one parent

Rely on a Trustworthy Charlotte Child Support Attorney 

Whether you pay or receive child support, we know that it can make your finances tight. We take the time to understand your needs and strive to provide you the best legal counsel available when it comes to modifying child support orders. Contact Blood Law today to schedule your free case review by calling 704.256.5232 or use our confidential online contact form.

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