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Restraining Orders Attorney

Do you feel that you are in danger of being harmed? Are you fearful in your home or in public that someone may try to hurt you? Perhaps you need to consider a restraining order. A restraining order is a protective order issued by the state of North Carolina and is a legal document that is designed to prevent one person from harming another person. In North Carolina, there are different types of restraining orders; domestic violence protective orders and two different types of no-contact orders for civil cases. If you or someone you love feels threatened, it is important to protect yourself. NEVER compromise the safety and well-being of your children or yourself. Blood Law has extensive experience in the protection of women and children with a protective order. Schedule a consultation with a Charlotte Restraining Orders Attorney today.

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Why Get A Restraining Order?

If you have been a victim of domestic violence, it is imperative that you put measures in place to protect yourself. In North Carolina a Domestic Violence Protective Order can be filed to put the following protections in place:

  • Order the abuser not to assault, threaten, abuse, follow, harass, or interfere with you and your children in person, at work, on the telephone, or by other means.
  • Allow you to live in the home where you and the abuser have lived together and order the abuser to move out and not return, no matter who owns the home or is on the lease.
  • Order the abuser to provide suitable alternative housing for you.
  • Tell the police to remove the abuser from the home and help you to return to the home

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