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Enforcement of Court Orders

Whether you’ve had a child out of wedlock or have recently divorced your spouse, it can be the most emotionally trying time of your life – enduring feelings of guilt and uncertainty, navigating the complicated legal process of dividing assets as well as custodial time. You just want it all to be over with so you can move forward and begin to heal. However, despite the time and financial cost of litigation, your former spouse/other party is refusing to abide by the court order. Whether they are confused about the details of the order or they are purposely being negligent, you need a professional to step in and ensure court order enforcement. Blood Law with locations in Charlotte Enforcement of Court Orders Attorney, NC is here to help you.

Are you looking for someone who can stand up and fight for YOU? Anna Blood of Blood Law, LLC is a fighter that will come alongside you and defend you with compassion.

Blood Law focuses on three main branches of the law so you know you are getting the best representation that is available for your specific needs. Schedule a consultation with a Charlotte Enforcement of Court Orders Attorney today.

Our Attorneys at Blood Law are here to guide you every step of the way, up until the day you feel your family is complete and beyond.

Anna Blood is the type of lawyer every client wants to have, and all other lawyers desire to be like. Her personal experience makes her an outstanding family law attorney. She is hardworking, compassionate, and very skilled in her work. Anna provided quick feedback and was always available to answer any and all questions I had. She always takes a personal interest in her work and makes sure her client’s needs are being met. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a wonderful attorney.”


Why An Experienced Attorney

At Blood Law, we know that the thought of entering into another legal battle is one filled with dread. All the time, energy, and emotional effort required to ensure the enforcement of the court order is daunting. However, at Blood Law, are by your side, navigating the process. Our professional legal team will act swiftly to apply the law. You can trust Blood Law to take legal action in a quick and efficient way, minimizing the stress and the cost of any litigation.

Is your former spouse delaying child support or refusing to pay altogether? This is unacceptable and against the law. You must take action in order to protect your child and their future. The professional Charlotte Enforcement of Court Orders Attorneys at Blood Law are here to help you with legal counsel and any court filings that are necessary. Call us today and get peace of mind.

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