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Encouraging Your Child’s Relationship with Their Other Parent

By Brian | Family Law | August 31, 2020
Encouraging Your Child’s Relationship with Their Other Parent
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Many parents have a difficult time cooperating and co-parenting. However, in most situations, being supportive of a relationship between your child and their other parent is the best course of action, and it can help with a custody case. 

When two parents are getting divorced or are otherwise separating, they might not be getting along in the best manner. Emotions can run high, each parent might be frustrated with the other parent, and it can be difficult not to let this seep into parenting. In some situations, one parent might be tempted to discuss matters with their child, which can impact the child’s relationship with the other parent.

In most situations, it is much better to encourage your child to have an ongoing and fulfilling relationship with the other parent whenever possible. You should avoid putting your child in the middle of your divorce or breakup, and doing so can even affect your own custody rights and arrangement. If you need assistance or advice regarding child custody or related issues, please contact a Charlotte family attorney right away. 

The Best Interests of the Child

Gone are the days when children would automatically live with their mothers and see their fathers every other weekend. While North Carolina law does not set out a legal presumption in favor of joint custody, the court will base custody determinations on what is in the best interests of the child, which is often maintaining a meaningful relationship with both parents.

When you are sharing custody, it is important not to try to stand in the way of your child’s time or relationship with their other parent. This is not only beneficial for the child’s mental and emotional well-being, but it also can help in a custody case. Courts can consider many factors when deciding what type of custody arrangement is in the best interest of the child, and the judge might believe that impeding a relationship with the other parent is not good for the child. This can impact their decision when awarding custody rights.

Of course, if your child’s other parent is abusive, it changes things considerably. It might not be at all in your child’s best interests to spend significant time – or any at all – alone with their other parent, and a relationship with that parent might be detrimental instead of beneficial for your child. This is something that you want to discuss with your child custody attorney. 

On the other hand, if you believe that your child’s other parent is engaging in parental alienation or similar conduct to try to prevent you from having a relationship with your child, you should seek legal counsel immediately. Courts take parental alienation seriously, and this can affect your custody case or might be grounds for a custody modification. 

Discuss Your Situation with a Charlotte Family Attorney

At Blood Law, we help parents in all types of situations when it comes to their children and exes. We can assess your custody rights and guide you regarding what is best for you and your child. If you are facing a divorce or custody case, call 704.256.5233 or contact us online for more information today. 

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