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  • How Substance Abuse Can Complicate Divorce

    By Brian | Uncategorized | August 25, 2020

    Substance abuse can cause many complications in an already stressful divorce case, including property division and child custody. It can always help to have the help of the right divorce attorney in a divorce involving addicti[...]

  • Preparing to Divide Your Assets In a Divorce

    By Anna Blood | Uncategorized | October 27, 2019

    Nobody enters into marriage with a divorce in mind; however, divorce is just as much a part of society as marriage itself. There are many complicated issues that people need to think about when going through a divorce, one of which is the division of assets. While some people may think that asse[...]

  • What You Should Know About Marital Misconduct

    By Anna Blood | Uncategorized | September 15, 2019

    Marital misconduct refers to harmful behavior that negatively affects your marriage. When marriages cannot be saved due to this behavior, couples generally begin looking into divorce proceedings. Knowing more about this type of misconduct can help[...]

  • Custody Agreements & Back To School

    By Anna Blood | Uncategorized | August 07, 2019

    Are Your Back-to-School Schedules Causing Custody Agreement Modification Needs? You’ve got a child custody agreement that’s working just fine this summer when the days are lazy and schedules are loose. But the coming sch[...]

  • Why An Adoption Attorney Can Benefit You

    By Anna Blood | Uncategorized | July 15, 2019

    When you’re thinking of adopting a child or going through the adoption process, having an adoption attorney at your side is highly important. These attorneys can benefit you in a few different ways. Learn more about why you should consider hiring an adoption attorney. Valuable Informa[...]


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