Why You Never Want to Get a “DIY” Divorce

Woman reading paperwork

Today, roughly 42% of marriages end in divorce. Therefore, most people have friends or family who have gone through the process before. Because divorce is relatively common these days, many people believe that they can do everything themselves and save on the cost of an attorney. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how complicated family law actually is.

How DIY Divorces Can Cost You in the Long Run

1. They tend to be more expensive.

Attorneys are one of the largest expenses associated with getting a divorce, so not hiring one will save you money, right?

In reality, this is far from true. An attorney understands the law inside and out and will work to get you the best possible outcome. If you were to make a mistake or forget to include something in your final agreement, you could have to enter a drawn-out court battle in order to have the matter corrected. Even worse, some matters can’t be changed once a judge signs off on them.

2. You may get less than you deserve.

Even in an uncontested divorce, one spouse can attempt to take more than their share of assets and savings. Without an attorney by your side, you may sign off on an unfair agreement that leaves your financial future in jeopardy.

3. Your emotions can drive you to make irrational decisions.

An attorney will look at the details of your case unbiasedly. This helps them to come to a conclusion that’s in your favor. If you’re emotional and eager to get your divorce over with, you may be tempted to sign an agreement that isn’t in your favor.

4. They’re incredibly time-consuming.

It might be called “filling for divorce” but a divorce requires so much more than just one piece of paper. Child custody matters, asset division, and alimony, all need to be discussed and agreed upon. If you’re a business owner or undergoing a high net-worth divorce, you have even more matters to address.

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